Welcome to our blog. We will share information about various aspects of electrical safety, news about Fusion and stories about the work we have carried out.

October - A warm welcome to a new member of staff:


We have welcomed John to the Fusion family this month as an electrician, and we are still looking for another fully qualified electrician to join us – if that is you then get in touch!! .... <click here for more....>


September - A look back at our clients of the year so far:


We have been busy this month with some of our biggest clients; we have had the pleasure of working with: Innova Management Co Ltd, Mulalley & Co Ltd, Croydon Council, Senquo Ltd, Holiday Inn Express.... <click here for more....>



August - Solar Panels and Competition Time


We have finshed the installation work for a school during the summer holidays and even haad time to take our holidays. This lovely weather has seen the flying of Fusion flags in and around Croydon. To celebrate these new tools in the promotion of Fusion's safer electrical drive we have a COMPETITION! <click here for more....>



July - Downlights and Croydon Council


In July we assisted in the modifications to a beautiful Victorian house with the installation of downlights and we also assisted Croydon Council maintain their schools. <click here for more....>




June - Solar Solar Solar!


June was kept busy with more solar systems being installed to beat the drop in the feed-in tarrif. <click here for more....>




May - Test, please test.


There are still too many house fires caused by electrical faults. There are easy steps to make your home and other property safe.. <click here for more....>










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