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June 2016


We’ve had another busy month with solar panels, now is the time to take advantage of the long summer evenings and let the sun produce your energy for free! Helping you save money and help the environment!


We said goodbye to one of our electricians this month so we are busy recruiting to fill his shoes, watch this space for more news soon!


With the summer surge in house buying we have pulled an article from a magazine published by the NICEIC called Connections:


“It’s never nice to think about profiting from the misfortune of others, but it seems electrical contractors could be doing just that form people moving into new homes.

According to a survey by HomeServe, 60 per cent of those moving into new properties discovered a hidden horror, with dodgy wiring or damaged electrics being the most common offender.


One in five of those who had found an unexpected surprise said it was electric-related, with the average cost of repairs a cool £1,466. Other hidden gremlins include dampness and roofing problems.”


Please call us to carry out an inspection prior to purchase and we could save you money and make your new home saver.








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