Our Services Are:

We can install the following security products:

  • Door entry systems by Salto
  • CCTV, including online monitoring
  • Intruder detection

Salto door entry systems are popular in the hotel and education industries as providing secure and managed access control to buildings.  We have installed their systems and recommend Salto to our customers.

Some examples of some of our electrical work.

CCTV is a growing market with material prices significantly ower than in previous years.  Technology has also improved for the availablility of on-line monitoring of your system.  We can specify and install CCTV to homes and businesses to enhance your security systems.

Intruder detection is now essential to many home and business owners, with the development of telephone connectivity it is now possible for your property to call you in the event of alarm activation.  This linked with on-line CCTV your property can be fully monitored remotely.


109 Capital Business Centre

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  Tel: 0800 158 8181

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