Consumer Unit Fire Protection


Consumer Unit Fire Supression System

The majority of consumer units in the UK are of plastic construction.  This has been identified as a significant risk of fire in domestic properties and is no longer allowed for new consumer units.

The cost of a replacement consumer unit ranges in price from £450 for the smallest property to thousands for larger homes.  The fitting of a metal consumer unit will significantly reduce the risk of a consumer unit fire spreading to the surrounding structure and subsequently spreading further. However, there is a solution for the improvement of the safety of plastic consumer units without the need for spending excessive amounts on a new one:

The solution is the relatively cheap installation of a fire suppression system to the existing plastic consumer unit.  Please see this link here to view a video of the system. I’m sure you will agree that the potential outcome of an electrical fire can be devastating, the installation of this suppression system can immediately put out the electrical fire, causing virtually no damage.  It will also give you the peace of mind to know that your home is that little bit safer!

We will supply and fit a fire suppression system to your consumer unit for £100 plus VAT.

Call us on 0800 158 81 81 or click here to book your home in to our safety programme.

We can combine this installation with the installation of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms.  We at Fusion Electrical Service take safety seriously and will be promoting safety throughout 2018.  Call us for more information.


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