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Electrical safety is an area of property maintenance that is often overlooked, but the results of electrical failures can be horrific.

Electrical fires and electric shocks can occur at any time and obviously this is normally without warning.  To reduce the risk of failures of the electrical system it is recommended that every system is tested and inspected at frequent intervals.

Be prepared as electrical fires can destroy homes and lives.

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Six worrying facts about electricity:

  1. Electricity is the major cause of all household fires.
  2. There are 20,000 fires per year caused by electrical faults  - almost half of all accidental UK house fires
  3. Each year 70 people die in household electrical accidents.
  4. 350,000 people are seriously injured in electrical accidents  in the home each year
  5. About 50% of the UK population is unaware that electrical checks are needed at all.
  6. There is an expected increase of 17% of electrical fires in rented properties by 2025 (Electric Safety First and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service)

Electrical Safety Checks Explained

There are two types of check that can be carried out by an electrician:

Electrical Installation Condition Report

This is a report based upon the detailed testing of all or a sample of circuits and a visual inspection of the electrical system including inspections behind a sample of sockets, switches and similiar accessories.  The detail of the test results and the visual information from the inspections will provide evidence to the condition of the system that will be used to determine whether or not the system is in a satisfactory condition.  We will also be able to provide information about any improvements that may need to be made to improve the safety to both the occupants and the property itself. 

The preparation of this report can take from a few hours in a domestic or small commercial property to a few days in larger properties.

Visual Condition Report

This report is prepared following a visual inspection of a sample of the electrical fittings and accessories in order to form an opinion about the electrical safety.  This opinion is based on the age and condition of the system that is on view.

The time to complete this report will be around an hour, depending on the size of the property.

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