Consumer Unit (Fuse Board)


Consumer Unit

The curent standards require a consumer unt (also colloquially known as a fuse board) to have dual-RCD protection and curcuit breakers to the required protection levels for the circuits.

The upgrading of a consumer unit is normally required to provide RCD protection to the electrical system.  RCDs provide personal protection from severe electrical shock.

The replacement of a consumer unit will always start with an inspection of the system and the testing of the existing circuits.  The inspection and tests will determine if the system is safe in its current condition or if it requires minor repairs, major improvements or possibly replacement.  The inspection and testing can be compared with an MOT for a car.

In additional to the work required to replace the consumer unit we also include in our quotations the labour cost for all minor repairs that can be reasonably completed during the day.  This can be from repairing loose connections in accessible areas to minor cable replacement.  Each and every installation is different as we seek to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for all our customers.

If you have any doubts or concerns about the age or safety of your  consumer unit then you should contact an electrician to discuss the current situation.  At Fusion Electrical Services we are able to offer free advice over the telephone.


Some examples of some of our electrical work.

The installation of RCDs is not only a matter of electricians following the rules:

RCDs save lives.


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