MCB - Miniature Circuit Breaker



Miniature Circuit Breakers, also known as MCBs are protective devices which are designed to provide over-current and short-circuit protection.  MCBs are devices are the electro-mechanical equivalent of fuses and fuse wire.

MCBs will operate, or “trip”, when there is an excessive current passing through a circuit. This could be as a result of an over-load, e.g. too many heaters switched on at any one time, or a short-circuit which could result from the live conductor coming in contact with the earthing conductor.

MCBs should not trip for a well installed installation unless there is a fault present.  If your MCB trips there will be a reason for this event to occur.  If you have any doubts or concerns then you should contact an electrician to discuss the problem.  At Fusion Electrical Services we are able to offer free advice over the telephone.

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