RCD - Residual Current Device



Residual Current Devices, also known as RCDs are protective devices which are designed to provide personal protection.  This means that if a person should come in contact with a live conductor the RCD will operate at a lower current than a fuse or miniature circuit breaker.  This lower current has been selected to enable a normal person to walk away from the accident without harm or injury.

In the UK today there are still incidents of electrocution which cause injury and death.  The introduction of the RCD has reduced the number of cases of both death and injury.  This has followed the requirement for the installation of RCDs in the 16th edition of BS7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations in 2001 for certain circuits. This has been further advanced by the 17th edition in 2008 requiring the installation of RCDs in greater number.

Some examples of some of our electrical work.

The installation of RCDs is not only a matter of electricians following the rules:

RCDs save lives.


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