Replacement of a Consumer Unit


We offer the replacement of a consumer unit as a fixed price job.

The replacement of a consumer unit is normally carried out to be able to install RCD protection to the electrical system in the property.  The main advantage of the use of RCDs is the additional personal protection that they offer.  Please see our page about RCDs by clicking here.

We have refined our process for the replacement of consumer units over many years and hundreds of completed jobs.  The process involves the testing and inspection of all circuits followed by the physical installation work.

We will plan for the whole job to take one day, with the majority of replacements being completed within this time.  The first process is to identify and locate all the sockets, lights, switches and other equipment connected in the property.  This will normally involve the customer showing us around each room pointing out the sockets and switches.

We will then spend the rest of the morning testing the circuits for continuity of the cables and the resistance of the insulation amoungst other items. We will also carry out a sample based inspection of the system.

The testing and inspection is a vital part of the process.  This will enable us to determine the current condition of the system and to demonstrate this to our customers.  While we  always hope that the system is in a good condition when we arrive, there are times where defects exist that will require repairs to be carried out.  We will happily carry out minor repairs as we go around where the time involved will not be excessive, or cause any significant delay to the job.  It is likely that we will repair these and let you know at the end that we have completed this extra work at no extra charge.

Where there are no significant defects we will proceed to change the consumer unit in the afternoon.  We will have recorded all the test results and we will issue the installation certificate and building control notices within a few days.

If there are defects that are unsafe and require further works, we will complete our work at lunch time, and supply a report and a fixed price quotation for the repairs.

An example of a new consumer unit.  We are proud of our registrations, which demonstrate that we are honest, reliable and trustworthy.  Please check our customers' reviews of us on these sites.

We will make the installation of a new consumer unit a smooth and stress-free event.

We will leave you with a tested and certified system and the peace of mind that you have the best protection for your and your family.


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